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Founded in 1994, ETR Electronics Co., Ltd. is a world -renowned producer of film capacitors and chip LEDs.
Our factories are ISO9001 & 14000 certified while our products approved by UL and VDE, with AC-use capacitors patented and DC-use capacitors covering a wide range of high frequencies and high voltages. ETR Electronics is headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan, and operates a subsidiaries in Shanghai China. The turn over was US$10,000,000 in 2003 and is expected to exceed US$11,500,000 in 2004.
With increasing globalization, ETR Electronics serves a fast growing market worldwide. Our clientele includes SONY, LG, National, Canon, APC, Bosch, B&D, Askey and HP. Given the modern technology and facilities of the company, we are well - equipped to cater of the various needs of our customers.
Company Name: ETR Electronics Co., Ltd.


1. Sinhua Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

2. ETR Electronics (Singapore) Co., Ltd.

3. ETR Electronics (India) Co., Ltd.

4. ETR Electronics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Product Items:

1. Polyester Film Capacitor
2. Polypropylene Film Capacitor
3. Metalized Polyester Film Capacitor
4. Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitor
5. LEDs & LED Displays

6. Tantalum Capacitors

Nature of Business : Manufacturer, Exporter
Capital: USD3,500,000.
Target Market : Worldwide
Percentage of Exports : 50%
Minimum Order : 10Kpcs
Terms of Payment : T/T or L/C
Staff: 320
Factory Area: 2100m2(Taiwan); 4,200m2 (Shanghai)
Major Customers: Sony, National, Canon, APC, LG, LEO, Bosch, B&D, Askey, HP.
Address: 3,Ke Yuan 1st Road,CTSP,Taichung,Taiwan ,R.O.C
Tel: 04-24635461
Fax: 04-24632326
Contact Person: Wang, Tzu-Ching
E-Mail: sales@etr.com.tw